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Lead generation and sales coaching for your health club.

We coach your sales teams with our highly experienced sales manager to close more leads and increase your current member base and income.


FitREV Marketing is driven by a team with over 25 years of internet marketing experience, fitness management and gym membership sales.

While lead generation is our specialty we don’t stop there, we actually coach your staff on how to sell the leads we send you. We do this through our monthly virtual group coaching sessions or one-on-one sessions. These coaching sessions cover the fundamentals of sales specific to the fitness industry.

Our Mission: FitREV Marketing agency is dedicated to helping franchise fitness centers, health clubs, gyms and boot camps facilities nationwide to reach their full EFT potential.


Our direct response marketing has propelled many of our clients from almost non-existent lead sources and sales to an abundance of both; whereby sometimes we are asked to turn off the flood of leads off while they catch up.

Our lead generation is achieved through cross-channel marketing; which includes, but is not limited to, Social Media, Email, Pay Per Click and Retargeting to name a few. This strategy drives targeted prospects down our funnels into our high-converting landing pages.

Our fitness club marketing plan has proven the importance and great results obtained with digital marketing.

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We want to help you with your lead generation. Plain and simple!

You CAN'T be everything to your club..Owner, Manager, Trainer, Janitor, Receptionist, Marketing Genius etc.....

  • Let us take over your marketing HAT for just a third of what hiring a new employee costs. Yes about ONE THIRD!
  • Stop wasting your valuable time "Trying" to be a Social Media Expert.
  • Instead focus ALL your energy into CLOSING new members and increasing your member to personal training ratios.

Earn the RESIDUAL INCOME you signed up for when you bought your franchise.

Want to see how FitREV Marketing can help your business?

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We do marketing for national and international fitness club franchises.


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