How to Get Started on Building Your Community

Building a online community for your business

  Once you have decided to get your community off the ground, you first need to identify the types of audience you want to attract.   Think of them as divided into different categories and work out what each type wants and what problems you can solve for them. Keep asking yourself the question: what…

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How A Community Will Help Your Business

Great Content

  Without wishing to sound too cynical, if you have created a vibrant online community of people all interested in whatever your business is about, you’ve got a great pool of focused, targeted people right there are your fingertips to whom you can market to.   However, it goes without saying that you don’t want…

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Why You Absolutely Must Build an Online Community for Your Business

online community

There is a really big difference between an audience and a community. An audience is one-way. It is not interactive. It isn’t social. An audience passively watches or reads. An audience doesn’t participate. Or share with others. It just observes. On the other hand, a community is a two-way conversation. It is a living, breathing…

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How to Make Them Keep Coming Back For More

keep people on your site

Make Your Website A Huge Success Discover how to consider the needs and intentions of your websites visitors so that you can design the perfect website that serves your customers well and encourages them to buy from you and use your services It isn’t easy to get the ideal web site. In fact it has…

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The Secrets to Keeping Visitors On Your Site

Reduce Bounce Rate

How do you keep visitors on your site longer once they’ve clicked through from a search result? Here’s the lowdown that will help boost your online profits:   We all want to get our site to the top of Google but that is only half of the story. For example, what happens when people click…

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Bringing it All Back Home

Social marketing has to lead somewhere. Even if you think it is just your job to promote your brand and to get it into as many peoples minds as possible, somewhere there is a product you need to sell, and most of the time that product is on a web page.   A landing page…

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Why Storytelling is your Secret Weapon

storytelling and social media marketing

Simply put, people respond to stories and story telling is one of the best secret weapons you can have when it comes to social media marketing. This story telling technique is what creates a buzz and brings followers and fans to your business. When you start telling a story it shows that you are coming…

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Discover Why Social Media Really Matters

Thanks to social media, the way we do business has changed forever. If your business is not using social media right now, you are definitely missing out.   With Facebook now boasting over 1 billion active monthly users and the likes of Twitter and Instagram hot on its heels, it is safe to say that…

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Running Your Instagram Account

instagram and other social sites

As with all social media marketing campaigns, running an Instagram account is time consuming and requites patience and consistency. This is easier said than done, particularly if you are already run a successful offline bricks and mortar business.   A number of small business owners have come to the conclusion that it makes more sense…

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How Your Business Can Harness the Power of Instagram


Instagram now has over 300 million Instagrammers who post 70 million photos and videos – every day. With those sorts of figures isn’t it time your business or brand had an Instagram presence? And if you do, how can you be heard among the crowd?   There are three basic elements that will set your…

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