Bringing it All Back Home

Social marketing has to lead somewhere. Even if you think it is just your job to promote your brand and to get it into as many peoples minds as possible, somewhere there is a product you need to sell, and most of the time that product is on a web page.   A landing page…

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Why Storytelling is your Secret Weapon

storytelling and social media marketing

Simply put, people respond to stories and story telling is one of the best secret weapons you can have when it comes to social media marketing. This story telling technique is what creates a buzz and brings followers and fans to your business. When you start telling a story it shows that you are coming…

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Discover Why Social Media Really Matters

Thanks to social media, the way we do business has changed forever. If your business is not using social media right now, you are definitely missing out.   With Facebook now boasting over 1 billion active monthly users and the likes of Twitter and Instagram hot on its heels, it is safe to say that…

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