How to Make Them Keep Coming Back For More

keep people on your site

Make Your Website A Huge Success

Discover how to consider the needs and intentions of your websites visitors so that you can design the perfect website that serves your customers well and encourages them to buy from you and use your services

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It isn’t easy to get the ideal web site. In fact it has been said that great web design is like walking a tightrope. Getting the balance wrong leads to a high bounce rate from your site, with users looking at one page before quickly leaving.


While every web design project is unique, why not try using this simple framework to keep your focus on those all-important web site visitors.


We have called it the Five S’s because it defines five universal characteristics of your web visitors: Selfish, Sceptical, Stubborn, Stuck and most importantly (and controversially), Stupid.



Did we really say Stupid? Yes, as contentious as that statement is, your visitors are stupid. We bet we have your attention now!

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It isn’t actually as controversial as it sounds. When first-time visitors look at your site, they don’t yet know anything about your business. Even existing customers might not know all that you have to offer. With that in mind, you need to write a strong headline that says in plain, easy to understand language what you do. Have a prominent logo with a clear, compelling strapline.


Ensure that you remove any unnecessary text so that visitors can work out what you do and what your business is all about in just a few seconds.


It is very easy to over-complicate things. Business owners are often so close to their business that they can’t see the obvious. It is your job to help your customers know how you can help them and show them why they should buy from you.



Your visitors are selfish. Their visit to your site is just about them and their needs. With that in mind, you need to help them to understand why choosing you and your products or services will help them.


Show them relevant pictures. Use words such as ‘you’ rather than ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘I’. And don’t forget to reassure them just how easy it is to proceed to the next step of your buying process.



First time visitors are always sceptical and with every reason. They are bombarded with online marketing messages, and they have learned to be cautious.


To put them at ease and to give them the confidence to buy from you, make sure that you include trust signals. These would include logos of your partners and accrediting bodies and reviews and testimonials from happy customers.


Do you set out the benefits they will get by giving you’re their email address? Do you offer multiple contact points? Your websites design must make trust easy.



Your visitors are stubborn. You want them to buy that blue widget but they may not be ready to buy just yet. So what do you do instead? Give them alternative calls to action in case they’re interested, but are not quite ready to take the plunge.


Do you want them to follow you on social networks, sign up for your newsletter or bookmark your site? All of these ‘micro conversions’ are steps along the path to encouraging visitors to buy that widget.

keep people on your site


Lastly, your visitors are stuck. Even eager visitors may need the push of a compelling call to action (CTA). Make sure that your CTA’s are big, prominent and colourful enough. Position them within enough whitespace to make them easily recognisable.


Don’t forget to use visual clues, such as arrows or wyes looking the right way in order to direct a visitor’s attention.

Call to action

Don’t confuse them by having distractions on the page just as they are ready to buy.


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